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Working with the price list

To upload a new price list, go to the Прайс-лист page in the Ассортимент menu:

There are two ways to pass the price list to Yandex.Market.

  • Prepare the price list, put it on your store's website, and specify the full path to it. For additional parameters, you can enter authorization settings (login name and password) by clicking Настройки доступа на сервер.

  • Upload the price list to the Yandex.Market server using the Partner interface. To do this, click the Обновить файл прайс-листа button and select the file to upload. The uploaded price list must be updated at least once every 30 days, or the store will be disabled.

Information about products from your price list file will not get into the Yandex.Market database until the file has been validated.

To begin validation, click the Проверить файл button. The process takes some time; the status Проверка файла is displayed while the price list is being validated.

When the price list has been successfully validated, click the Использовать указанный прайс-лист or Использовать загруженный прайс-лист button, depending on how the price list was passed, so the price list data is put in the Yandex.Market database.


Updating product offers on Yandex.Market can take anywhere from 3 to 10 hours (4 hours on average). If technical maintenance tasks are underway, the update period may be longer. Updating is not scheduled.

Information about each validated price list is saved in a list on the Отчет по индексации page in the Ассортимент menu. Each price list is assigned a status based on validation results. Each status matches a row color:



“Not processed”

Validation has not started yet for this price list.


The price list was validated successfully, there were no errors, and all your offers can be published on Yandex.Market.


Problems were detected during validation that could lead to offers being displayed incorrectly on Yandex.Market. In most cases, problems are caused by values being omitted from some of the fields in the price list or set incorrectly. Offers containing mistakes will not be published on Yandex.Market.

To view the problems, click the детали (details) link. We recommend fixing any mistakes that were found and uploading a new price list so that all your store's offers will be available to users.


Critical errors were found during validation, and none of the store's offers from this price list will be published on Yandex.Market. Such errors are usually related to overall problems with your price list, such as discrepancies in encoding or currency, the file was not found at the specified path, or there was a problem unpacking the archive.

To view the errors, click the детали link. Fix the problems and upload the corrected price list.

“Fatal error”

Internal system error.

The view the details for a particular price list, click the детали link.

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