Elements included in the shop

Element contents

 <company>Tne Best inc.</company>
   <currency id="RUR" rate="1"/>
   <currency id="USD" rate="60"/>
   <category id="1">Бытовая техника</category>
   <category id="10" parentId="1">Мелкая техника для кухни</category>
   <category id="101" parentId="10">Сэндвичницы и приборы для выпечки</category>
   <category id="102" parentId="10">Мороженицы</category>

Description of constituent elements

Element Description


The short name of the store, no more than 20 characters. The name may not contain words not related to the store's name (such as “best” or “cheap”), and may not include a phone number and so on.

The name of the store must match the actual name of the store that is published on the website. If this requirement is not met, Yandex.Market can change the name itself without notifying the store.

Required element.


Full name of the company that owns the store. It is used for internal identification and not published.

Required element.


URL of store's home page. No more than 50 characters. Cyrillic links are permitted.


Content management system (CMS) used for the store.

Optional element.


CMS version.

Optional element.


Name of the agency that provides technical support to the store and is responsible for the website's functionality.

Optional element.


Contact email address of the CMS developers or agency that provides tech support.

Optional element.


List of store's exchange rates.

Required element.


List of store's categories.

Required element.


Delivery cost and period for the region the store is located in.

This element is mandatory if delivery data is passed in the price list.


Automatic calculation and display of discounts for the entire price list. It is mandatory before the list of offers.

Optional element.


List of store's offers. Every offer is described in a separate offer element.

Required element.


Information about store's promotions.

Optional element.


Gifts that are not available on Yandex.Market (for the Choice of gift promo).

Optional element.