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Users often ask Yandex where they can buy a product or where they can get a service for what price. Search results can immediately show users that you are a store and you have the product or service they are looking for. To do this, Yandex has developed a snippets improvement program: for pages of participating websites, Yandex search shows special structured descriptions containing information about the store and its products or services:

Note the following aspects of participating in the snippet improvement program:

Enabling the program

Your store participates in this program by default — in the settings on the Параметры размещения page, the option Использовать данные из прайс-листа в поиске is automatically selected. In search results, your website pages are accompanied by snippets with information about your product, its price, and delivery conditions. For more information about the program, see the section Владельцам магазинов in the Help for the Yandex.Webmaster service.

When the Использовать данные из прайс-листа в поиске option is selected for your store, the snippets improvement program uses the same settings and price list as in Yandex.Market. If you want to use different price lists and store settings, you need to:

  • Uncheck the box Использовать данные из прайс-листа в Поиске.

  • Go to the Yandex.Webmaster interface and register your store in the section Товары и цены (; detailed information is provided in the section Подключение магазина in the Help for Yandex.Webmaster).


If you want to your store's snippet management to return to the Yandex.Market Partner interface, you will need to send email to the Support service.

Publishing a price list

Pay attention to which domain your store's price list is published on and which domain the links to product offers in the price list point to. Data from your price list cannot be passed to the snippet improvement program in the following cases:


If you are managing snippets via the Yandex.Market Partner interface, your store's price list must be located on your store's domain, not uploaded to the Yandex.Market service.

More information about ways to upload files is provided in the section Step 2. Validating the price list.

URL structure

In order for the snippet improvement program to work correctly for your store, the offer URLs in your store's price list must have the correct structure. According to the RFC1738 standard, the URL structure for the HTTP protocol must have the following format:


The port is not normally specified in the URL, so the structure can be reduced to this format:


The URL structure includes:

  • <host> — Site domain.

  • <path> — The path, which can have a hierarchical structure. The structure is defined by the “/” (slash) character. The path cannot contain parameters, or the characters “?” and “;” .

  • <searchpart> — The parameters section, which is separated from the <path> section by a question mark “?”. The <searchpart> block cannot contain the characters “?” or “/” inside it. Parameters are separated inside the section using the “&” character.


    The following commonly-used parameters are supported:




    utm_medium= ref=
    utm_campaign= reff=
Examples of invalid URLs (according to the RFC1738 standard):
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