<description> and <name>

The <name> element specifies the title of the product offer (no longer than 120 characters). As the product offer title, we recommend specifying the full unique product name. The <name> element is applicable in the following types of product offer descriptions: simplified, book, audiobook, tour, event-ticket.

The <description> element specifies the description of the product offer (no longer than 175 characters). For the description of a product offer, we recommend specifying the main characteristics of the product. The <description> element can be used in all types of product offer descriptions.

If the length of the title or description exceeds the allowed value, during publication the text is cut off and an ellipsis is put at the end.

    <name>Ортопедический матрас Орматек Mono Prim EVS500</name>
    <description>Односторонний матрас средней жесткости на основе блока независимых пружин EVS 500</description>

Data extracted from the text of the <name> and <description> elements is used in some Market product categories for filtering product offers by certain characteristics.