Use the <cpa> element to manage participation of individual product offers in the “Market Ordering” program, as well as the participation of the entire YML file.

This element can take the following values:

  • 0 — the product/YML file is not participating in the “Market Ordering” program;
  • 1 — the product/YML file is participating in the “Market Ordering” program.

If a different value is set, it is automatically interpreted as 0.

By default, when the “Market Ordering” program is enabled in the Partner interface, all product offers participate in the program.

Attention. If you disabled “Market Ordering” in the Partner interface, the values of the <cpa> element put in the YML file are not taken into account.

    I have several YML files. How can I exclude just one YML file from the program?

    If you want to exclude a specific YML file, in the <shop> element, add <cpa> set to 0. In this case, all products specified in this YML file will stop participating in the “Market Ordering” program.

        <company>Best online seller Inc.</company> 
        <currencies> ... </currencies> 
        <categories> ... </categories> 
        <offers> ... </offers> 

    How can I exclude several offers from the program?

    You can exclude several offers from the “Market Ordering” program in the YML file by finding the appropriate <offer> elements and adding <cpa> set to 0.

    <offer id="12346" available="true" bid="21"> 
        <name>Наручные часы Casio A1234567B</name>
        <description>Изящные наручные часы.</description> 
        <sales_notes>Необходима предоплата.</sales_notes> 

    Priority of the <cpa> element in the YML file

    The <cpa> element can be embedded in the <shop> and <offer> elements at the same time. The <cpa> values in <offer> and <shop> have different priorities. This must be taken into consideration when using the <cpa> element.