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How to set up a counter

Step 1. Create the counter and install its code on your website

To create a counter, go to the Счетчик метрики in the Настройки and click установите счетчик Яндекс.Метрики.

You will see the page for setting up the new counter on the Yandex.Metrica service.

After making settings and clicking the Продолжить button, you will get a personal Yandex.Metrica counter code.

To install the counter code, we recommend consulting your webmaster or other employee responsible for supporting your website, since installing the counter code involves making changes to the source code of your site's pages. In order to work correctly, the counter must be installed on all the pages of your site and as close to the top of the page as possible. The counter must be placed inside the <body> tag, because this determines how completely and correctly data will be counted by Yandex.Metrica.

Several minutes after installing the counter, the page will show the counter status in the column marked with the icon. Pointing the mouse at it displays a message about whether it was installed correctly. If the counter was installed on all the site's pages, it displays the message “Код счетчика: корректно установлен”.

Step 2. Set up counter goals

Set goals — pages that you want users to go to. For a store, it is important that two goals are set:

  • The shopping cart page.

  • The order confirmation page.

To set up the goals you need, go to the section and click , then go to the tab. To create a goal, click .

Create two goals and set rules for considering the goal reached; this will be visiting the shopping cart page and the order confirmation page.

Step 3. Bind the counter to your store

Bind the created counter to your store. This allows you to work with the major Yandex.Metrica reports directly in the Yandex.Market Partner interface.

Step 4. View statistics reports

You can view statistics collected by Yandex.Metrica in the Заказы в Метрике report in the Статистика menu in the Partner interface. Data becomes available the next day after installing the counter.

For more information about reports, see the section Order statistics for online stores.

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