Placement requirements for the “Click-to-Shop” model

  • Your store's site must function stably and have high uptime.

  • Your site must list legal details about your store.

    Information about the legal entity:

    • Full name of the organization

    • Business address

    • Principle State Registration Number (OGRN)

    Full name of the sole proprietor

    • .

    • Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor (OGRNIP)

  • The site must specify available payment methods and ways of receiving orders (delivery, customer pickup) as well as the cost of delivery and customer pickup.

  • Information on the site about product availability and pricing must be current and match the information on Yandex.Market.

  • Each product should have a separate page on the site with its own description and image, including pricing and availability information.

  • The product page should include an order form or an option to add the product to the shopping cart (for example, a Buy or Order button).

  • The site must list the store's phone number and other contact information.