Checklist before publishing a store on Yandex.Market

All stores on the Yandex.Market comparison shopping platform are carefully checked in order to ensure quality customer service and repeat sales.

Every store goes through a preliminary check before being registered on the platform. All registered stores are then regularly checked by the Yandex.Market quality control team.

A list of key parameters that Yandex.Market’s quality control team looks out for has been prepared for your convenience.

Please go through this checklist and make sure that your store meets all the conditions!

Check that your site:

Is operational and does not contain any viruses, Trojans, or other malware

Allows customers to place orders online

Contains valid information about the legal entity making the sales, i. e. name, address, and OGRN (main state registration number), while for individual entrepreneurs, their full legal name and OGRN is required

Indicates delivery conditions like the cost and the regions you deliver to

Has its own product page for every offering in the price list

Does not open any additional windows (such as PopUp or PopUnder) on the product page

Check information entered in the Partner Interface

The seller’s information matches information given on the site

A valid phone number is indicated (for stores located in Russia)

«Your region» matches your physical address

Delivery terms and conditions, such as the cost, time, and delivery regions, are indicated in full

If there is an option of self-pickup, then at least one pickup location is indicated

Check your price list for Market

Product names must only contain the product’s make, model, model name, and main characteristics (color, size, configuration, options package). Words like “new”, “top seller”, “free delivery”, etc. cannot be indicated in the product name

Product names and characteristics must match those of the actual products

Product names and descriptions must not contain words in ALL CAPS or html tags (except for CDATA block in description element)

Products that are not guaranteed by their manufacturer must not contain the manufacter_warranty element

Minimum order amount, prepayment requirements, and minimum order cost (if applicable) all need to be indicated in the sales_notes element. The maximum number of characters in the element is 50

All information about warrantees and guarantees, delivery, country of manufacture, and discounts needs to be indicated in the appropriate elements. None of this information should be indicated in the product name

All adult products in the price list should be marked with the adult element

Goods that cannot be sold remotely must be marked as follows: the product offering and the product page cannot contain any information about online sales, the site should indicate a retail sales location where the product may be obtained, and the delivery element must be set to false

The delivery, pickup, and store elements included in the price list need to accurately indicate delivery, pickup, or showroom purchase options

Products with unknown delivery terms need to be indicated with the preorder status (the available element needs to be marked false, the delivery-options, local_delivery_days elements need to be null value)

The price list does not contain duplicate product offerings, including ones which use different descriptions for the same product

The price indicated for each product is the final price and includes all applicable taxes. This price cannot change during the ordering process

Совет. If you aren’t sure how to properly fill in the elements in a Yandex Market Language (YML) file, please check the document Format and method requirements for product data feeds.

Prepare your sales staff

  • Orders placed within Quick Order program need to be processed within an hour of being placed

  • Goods need to be delivered to your customers for the indicated price and within the indicated time

Your store will be published on Yandex.Market after:

  • All pickup location points pass moderation

  • You provide all the necessary documents (if required)

Yandex.Market will not place stores that:

Yandex.Market is looking forward to your business!