The parent element <categories> describes the list of store categories in YML format. Each category is described in a separate <category> element. The category description should include:

  • the category identifier — id (for all categories)

  • the parent category identifier — parentId (for subcategories)

  • the category name.

If the parentId attribute is not specified, then the specified category is considered the root one.

How to use this element

Categories from the price list are used to slot products into a respective Yandex.Market category. This takes into account not only the offer's final category, but also all the parent categories. In order to ensure that your offers fall into the right categories, please observe the following rules:

  • The final category that the product in the price list is classified under must match the product itself.

    The following would be incorrect: “Tire offers classified under Car/wheel rims” (Car/wheel rims).

  • The list of categories should reflect the names of real product categories and not contain “placeholders” that only the store itself can understand.

    The following would be incorrect: “Products for the online store/Warehouse_1”.

  • The categories that the customer drills down through in order to reach the product should be logical.

    The following would be incorrect: “Clothing/Women's clothing/Pantyhose/Dresses” (Clothing/Women's clothing/Pantyhose/Dresses).

Examples of correctly set categories:

Товары для детей/Одежда/Детские комбинезоны
Tip. If your store does not have its own list of categories or you are unsure how to specify a category, then you can choose a category name from the Yandex.Market Category Tree.

Requirements for identifiers

  • Category and subcategory identifiers must be unique.

  • All identifiers must be positive whole integers.

  • An identifier cannot be equal to 0.

YML format example

    <category id="1">Книги</category>
    <category id="2" parentId="1">Детективы</category>
    <category id="3" parentId="1">Боевики</category>
    <category id="4">Видео</category>
    <category id="5" parentId="4">Комедии</category>
    <category id="6">Принтеры</category>
    <category id="7">Оргтехника</category>