The <categories> element contains a list of the store's categories. Each category is described in a separate <category> element. The category description must include its identifier (the id parameter) for all categories and the category ID of a higher-level category for sub-categories. The category ID must be a unique positive integer. No category can have the id parameter set to “0”. If the <parentId> element is not set, the category is considered a root category.


  • id — ID of your category of products.

  • parentId — ID of a product category higher up in the hierarchy (a parent category).

    <category id="1">Книги</category>
    <category id="2" parentId="1">Детективы</category>
    <category id="3" parentId="1">Боевики</category>
    <category id="4">Видео</category>
    <category id="5" parentId="4">Комедии</category>
    <category id="6">Принтеры</category>
    <category id="7">Оргтехника</category>