bid, cbid, fee

You can specify bid values in the price list (any format). Use the following elements to do this:

  • bid, total bid per click.

  • cbid, bid per click on the product profile.

  • fee, commission fee for an order on Yandex.Market.

Note. The elements in YML format are attributes of the offer element.

How to configure bid, cbid

Specify values in U.S. dollar cents. For example, the value "80" means a bid of USD 0.8. The values must be whole and positive integers.

If one of the elements is not provided:

  • If bid is specified, but cbid is not, then all clicks are charged at the rate specified in bid.

  • If cbid is specified, but bid is not, then cbid is used to charge clicks in the product profile, but everywhere else the minimum cost per click is used.

How to configure fee

The value must be a whole positive integer where the last two numbers are a tenth and hundredth of a percentage. Thus, a value of "100" means a commission fee of 1%. Examples:

  • The value "220" stands for a commission fee of 2.2% of the product cost.

  • The value "1220" stands for a commission fee of 12.2%.

  • The value "22" stands for a commission fee of 0.22%.

If an incorrect value is specified for the element or the value is less than the minimum commission fee, the minimum commission fee amount is charged.

YML format example

<offer id="107" type="vendor.model" available="true" bid="80" cbid="90" fee="325">
   <description>Отличные наушники для плеера и компьютера.</description>

The total cost per click is established as USD 0.8 (bid="80"), and the cost per click in the product profile is USD 0.9 (cbid="90"). If the buyer orders this product directly on Yandex.Market, the commission fee will be 3.25% of the product cost (fee="325").