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The <barcode> element is intended for passing product barcodes.


The <barcode> tag must pass the manufacturer's barcode. If the store uses its own barcode system that differs from manufacturers' barcodes, these internal barcodes do not need to be passed.

Data passed in the <barcode> tag makes it possible to find your store's offers by the barcode in Yandex.Market.

A single <barcode> element must contain a single barcode, while the <offer> element may include any number of <barcode> elements, since a single product may match several different manufacturer barcodes from different systems.

The <barcode> tag can only include numbers. Spaces, symbols, and letters will be interpreted as errors when validating the YML file.

The barcode may contain 8, 12, or 13 digits. Barcodes containing more than 13 digits are used for marking product transportation packaging and for data exchange between enterprises. These barcodes do not need to be passed.


The following barcode formats are supported: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E.

Validation checks the length of the code as well as the check digit - the last number in the barcode must fit the other numbers according to a special formula.


    <vendor>Cooler Master</vendor>
    <model>RС-1100 (Cosmos S)</model>

Using the <barcode> element is optional.

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