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Selecting and setting bids

Selecting and setting bids is only available for stores that have online ordering from their websites.

You can set the cost per click on your product offers in the Partner interface, using the Partner API, or pass bids set for offers in the price list.

You can choose how to manage bids on the Управление ставками page. To do this, click the Настройки link. The default source of bids is the Partner interface.

There are two types of bids, depending on the display position:

  • Primary bid — Applies to all positions for showing offers.

  • Bid for profiles — Applies to product profiles and the product profile section. If a bid is not specified for the profile, the primary bid applies.


If the primary bid is set but the product profile bid is not set, the primary bid applies to the product profile. If the primary bid is not set, the default bid applies.

If you set a bid that is higher or lower than allowed, the maximum or minimum allowed bid will be applied instead of the price you specified.


Recommended bids for obtaining a certain position for product offers are selected by the system considering the store's region, not the display region.

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