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Groups are intended for easy navigation through products with bids. Each group can contain products from different categories. You can create custom groups, such as “Top models” or “Leftovers”, and put products in them so that next time you will not have to search for these products again in order to change the bid or check on its relevancy.

The groups only contain products that have product bids set for them. Products with minimal bids or default bids are not put in groups.

Working with groups:

“My bids” group

All products that are not put in groups are saved in the Мои ставки group.

Moving a product to a different group

In order to move a product or several products to a different group, select this product or products by clicking the box next to each of them, and click переместить в группу. Select the group to move the product to from the drop-down list. If you want to select all the products on the page, check the выбрать все box.

Creating a group

In order to create a new group, select the product or products for this group. Click переместить в группу, and in the drop-down list select Новая группа. Then enter a name for the new group and click Сохранить.

Renaming a group

To rename a group, go into this group and click the ред. link located to the right of the group name. Edit the group name and click Сохранить.

Deleting a group

To delete a group, click the x located to the right of the group name in the list of groups. All products from this group are moved to the Мои ставки group or to a different group that you choose.

Deleting a product from a group

To delete a product from a group, you need to assign a default bid. You can do this by clicking the arrow to the right of the .

To set default bids for multiple products or for an entire group, select all the desired products on each page and set the default bid for them in the automatic value substitution section on the единая ставка tab.

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