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Bid selection is an effective but resource-intensive way to promote your offers. To keep you from having to track competitors' bids manually, we developed a system for automatically optimizing bids: Autobroker.

With Autobroker, manually tracking bids requires much less effort. Autobroker lowers your bid and makes it as minimal as possible for the offer to keep the best position in the display location. Competitors' bids and the user's region are also taken into account.

To effectively promote your products on Market, all you need to do is specify the maximum price you are prepared to pay for a click from an interested user. With Autobroker enabled, the CPC is optimized every time the offer is displayed. If the bid selected for an offer is not high enough to get it placed in the top position, the offer will be shown in the second position. But your account will be deducted only the exact amount of money necessary for getting the second position.

Autobroker is enabled for all campaigns by default. When Autobroker is disabled, the CPC you set is fixed.

You can enable or disable Autobroker on the Управление ставками page by clicking the Настройки option:


Changes to the Autobroker status (enabled or disabled) will be applied after the next time the Yandex.Market database is updated and new data is published for your store.

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