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Managing bids using the API

The provides automated data exchange with the Yandex.Market partner interface. You can use API methods to:

  • Get information about bids that have already been set for product offers.

  • Set or remove bids on product offers.

  • Get recommendations and set recommended values for bids.

In order to work with bids via the Partner API, you must indicate the way you will manage bids on the Управление ставками page in the Partner interface. To do this, click Настройки and choose партнерский интерфейс и API as the source for bid information.

You can choose the type of product identification:

  • по названию — Bid operations use the product offer title indicated in the price list. If two or more products have the same name, the bid will be set simultaneously for all of these products.

  • по ID — Bid operations use the product offer identifier indicated in the price list in the id attribute for the <offer> element. This method of working with bids is only available via the API. All product offer IDs must be unique within a single price list.

For more information about managing bids using the API, refer to the .

Identifying products by ID

When choosing to work with bids by product offer ID, bids cannot be managed via the Partner interface, and the bid recommendation interface is also not available.

When switching the type of bid identification, current bids are converted for matching them to their product offer IDs. You will get a warning in the Partner interface about the number of bids that will be converted, and also for conversion errors with explanations of possible ways to fix them. If you have a lot of product offers that the previous bids were not carried over for, we recommend using the Partner API to set new bids for them immediately after conversion.

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