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Quick Order API

The Quick Order API lets online stores add a Адрес из профиля в Яндексе button to the order form, which automatically fills in information about the delivery address from the user's Yandex.Market account.

Users only need to enter their address once in the special interface in Yandex.Market, and give it to desired stores on request. By inserting the Адрес из профиля в Яндексе button, an online store simplifies the purchase process and increases conversion, since the user is not required to take additional steps when making an order.

The Quick Order API is free for online stores and their users.

How does it work?

  1. The online store provides API support on its website according to the technical documentation and installs the button on the order form page. A user who visits the online store can click the Адрес из профиля в Яндексе button.

  2. The user confirms sending personal data on the Yandex site.

  3. The store gets the user's data and fills in the order form with it.

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