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Types of stores

Any stores — whether they have online sales through a website, a retail chain, or pickup points — can publish product offers on Yandex.Market.

Stores are divided into two types on Yandex.Market:

  • Online store. Products are sold from a website. Each product page has an order form. The online store status does not exclude having retail stores or pick-up points.

  • Offline store. The store only sells products in retail stores. The store's website has information about the assortment available. Each retail store has at least 20% of the assortment. Products that are displayed in a retail store or available from a terminal catalog must be in stock.

When choosing a store, many customers prefer a retail store or self pick-up; some customers want to save money this way, while others want to examine the item and/or choose between several different models before making a purchase. Yandex.Market lets users see retail stores and pick-up points on the map and choose the nearest and most convenient one.

Online stores can have the following types of points of sale:

  • Order pick-up point — A pick-up point or warehouse where a customer can pick up ordered items (other than post offices and transport company pick-up points).

  • Offline store — A retail store that you can go to and buy desired products.

  • Offline store and pick-up point — Point of sale where an order can be picked up, and where you can go to select and purchase a product.

Offline stores can only have one type of point of sale — retail (offline) store.

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