Ranking in the Yandex.Market search engine

The Yandex.Market search results mainly show the product profiles that match the user's search query. If the user is searching for an item that doesn't have a product profile in Yandex.Market, matching product offers in stores are displayed.

How product offers are ranked

  1. First, offers are ranked by their relevance to the query while taking into account the rating, delivery terms, and other characteristics.

    The higher the relevance and the better the parameters, the higher the offer's position in the ranking.

  2. Next, offers with the same or similar levels of relevance are sorted within their group:

    • By the amount of the commission (fee) in categories with priority ordering on Yandex.Market. Priority is valid only in certain categories and only in Moscow. Download a list of categories.

    • By the amount of the bid for all other categories.