How Yandex.Market works

The way Yandex.Market works is simple. You register on Yandex.Market and publish your store's product offers, which contain information about each of your products. These offers are automatically assigned to product categories in Yandex.Market. Users who are choosing a product on Yandex.Market can:

  • Go to your website or your contact information on the Yandex.Market map by clicking an offer from your store.
  • Put an item in the shopping cart and make an order directly on Yandex.Market (if you participate in the Market Ordering program).

Any stores — whether they have online sales through a website, a retail chain, or pickup points — can publish offers on Yandex.Market. If a store does not process orders through a website and does not provide delivery, the store's contact information is shown on the Yandex.Market map.

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