CPM threshold

Set CPM threshold

To manage your ad traffic, choose one of the methods of setting your CPM threshold in the recommendation widget:

No CPM threshold
Uses all available ad traffic. Each impression is allocated the optimal CPM threshold. This nets you maximum income and uses your ad space in the recommendation widget effectively.
Minimum CPM threshold
Set a Minimum CPM threshold in rubles (ex VAT) to exclude all ads that don't meet your requirement from the recommendation widget. At the same time, there won't be a maximum bid limit for advertisers.
Note. We recommend No CPM threshold as your primary choice. This leaves less room for error, as you will be presented with the best ads automatically. Setting your CPM threshold too high will leave all bids excluded, so there will be no ads to show in your widget.

Why is eCPM in my widget so low?

  • The widget has low visibility. Your widget visibility is not factored in when calculating eCPM. If you want to know your CPM corrected for visibility, check the CPMV value instead. Your visibility may also be low if your recommendations source is set up incorrectly. This makes the robot unable to find enough ads for your widget, so your widget and ads don't often get the chance to be displayed on the page. If you want your widget to show up more often, change your widget settings.
  • Suboptimal ad placement. Your widget will net you different income based on how many ad placements you have and their layout. When setting up your widget, it's important to strike a balance between revenue from ad clicks and increase in clicks for your site's content, which indirectly affects the total revenue from the ad platform.