Recommendation widget

Attention. By using the recommendation widget, you accept the risks laid out in section 3.20 Offers.
  1. About the recommendation widget
  2. Advantages
  3. Restrictions
  4. Using the recommendation widget

Issues with widget display

About the recommendation widget

The recommendation widget is a content page block that can display ads or host links to your own content across multiple websites.


The widget only parses content from websites that are displayed in Yandex search and connected to YAN as a content site or its mirror. This means that websites banned in Yandex search will not be displayed in the recommendation widget.

The widget is updated with new content within two hours after it's been created. However, this might take longer if you register a brand new YAN domain before creating your widget.


User-tailored content

The widget picks content to display based on the user's interests, their actions on the website, and the content's topic. The more data is gathered the better the widget is at choosing relevant content. You can also mark your website up with tags, making the widget only display recommendations revolving around a certain topic, such as sports or articles for car enthusiasts.

Promote your content
Clicks on recommended content increase recirculation and your website's page depth. They make users read more pages with ad blocks, increasing your average revenue per session. You can also use the recommendation widget to promote content hosted on another website you own, increasing its traffic.
Customize your widget's appearance

The recommendation widget is designed as a grid, with each cell hosting some sort of a recommendation or an ad with text and an image. Direct access to its HTML code and CSS styles lets you customize the widget's appearance any way you like. You can fit the widget organically into your website's design or go the opposite way and make it stand out, catching the user's eye.

Manage your ad space
The ads are placed among recommendations and don't stand out. You can customize the number of available ad spaces and the widget will choose the best layout after each page refresh. You can also construct the cell layout manually.
Monitor statistics on recommendations

The YAN partner interface lets you view statistics for ads as well as statistics for recommendations (impressions, clicks, and CTR). You can also use Yandex.Metrica to view reports on sessions and popular pages based on recommendation clicks. Enable the tracking tag, collect statistics, and monitor how recommendations affect your traffic.


No display ads
Recommendation widgets only display text and image-based ads from Yandex.Direct. They shouldn't generally be a replacement for RTB blocks.
Liability for compliance with legislation

By customizing the recommendation widget you accept full responsibility for compliance with advertising legislation, including following the requirements set for advertisement elements and their size.

Using the recommendation widget

  1. You can add metatags to your website pages if necessary.
  2. Customize its appearance if you don't want to use the default template.
  3. Monitor the statistics for clicks and impressions.