Configuring search blocks

To edit added blocks, go to the list of search blocks (Products → Premium placement or Products → Yandex.Direct Search). Find the block you need and click Edit.

All visual configuration changes take effect automatically (without resetting the website code) within 30 minutes after changes are saved. If a loading method (synchronous/asynchronous) or alternative ad code changes, the website code must be reset manually.

Configuring ad block design

On the Yandex.Direct design tab, you can configure the visual design of a block by specifying your own font and frame settings. You can also use the color palette to make color settings (click a color sample next to its 6-digit code). Advertisers' website icons and sitelinks can be enabled or disabled on the Formats tab. In addition, you can enable and disable impressions for ads with images on content sites.

All configuration changes will be immediately visible in the test block.

The design of your ad block significantly influences the CTR and, consequently, your site revenue.

Maximum number of ads

You can edit the maximum number of Yandex.Direct ads:

  • For premium placement block: 1–3;
  • For Yandex.Direct search block: 1–9 (if a block is placed under the search results, it should contain at least 4 ads).

Use the Formats tab to set the limit.

General settings for site search ad platforms

Note that the search ad blocks use the settings that are configured for the site search platform.