Types of RTB ad blocks

Yandex Advertising Network offers website owners a wide range of formats and options for configuring ad blocks.

Media ads
Display campaigns introduce users to new products, brands, and so on. They usually include interesting ads without a call to action. You can choose the size of ad blocks displayed on your site. However, you can't customize the appearance of the blocks.
Standard design
Text & Image Ads promote services, resources, and products. For some formats, you can customize the design for your resources: choose the font, background, and so on.
To customize a standard banner to fit your ad, you can use the following blocks:
  • Adaptive ad blocks: The size of the block adjusts to the container size on the site.
  • Fixed ad blocks: The block size is already set in its format and doesn't change with the container size.
  • Customizable blocks: You select the block's design, size, and the maximum number of ads in the block.

Different sets of formats are available for different versions of the site (desktop, mobile, Turbo and AMP).

Native design
Native advertising is an ad format that flexibly adapts to the site design. You can customize the HTML and CSS settings to blend your text and image ad into your site.
Video ads
In addition to Text & Image Ads and display ads, you can also serve video ads. The size of the block adapts to the container size on the site.
AMP ad blocks
To learn about the supported AMP block formats, see Blocks on AMP pages.