Flexible RTB ad blocks (stretch to fit size of ads)

The size of the flexible (stretchy) ad blocks is automatically adjusted to fit the frame container. Yandex.Direct ads will evenly fill all the available space. The position of the ads depends on the selected ad area type: vertical, horizontal or square.

The following can be displayed in RTB ad blocks:

  • Yandex.Direct contextual ads.

  • Banners, including Yandex.Display media banners, Yandex.Direct image ads, and smart banners.

Partners can select several media ad formats to be displayed in the block. Using this system, the block size can change from one impression to the next. The more formats that are selected, the more users can participate in the auction and the higher the partner's income.

The supported flexible formats are listed on the tabs below.

This format is unique in its non-standard design and animation. The ad block attracts the attention of users as they scroll down the page. When users reach the visible area of the screen with the ad, the image gradually blurs and the ad text appears in the foreground. The ad block shows one Yandex.Direct contextual ad.

The Motion block works well on pages with a list of articles, in news feeds, and in store listings. You can seamlessly insert this ad block into the structure of any page by placing it under your main page content or between paragraphs. This ad block distributes ads evenly across the available space, automatically adjusting to fill the space of the frame container. The minimum width of the block is 300 pixels.

A Motion block can be used to display ads on desktop and mobile devices. The design with animation is supported on devices with Android version 4.4 or later and iOS version 9 or later. Mobile devices with other operating systems will show a vertical block with a single Yandex.Direct ad instead of the Motion block.