Partner revenue

The partner receives remuneration for displaying RTB ad blocks on their website. The amount earned by the partner and the amount paid by the advertiser are both calculated in the same way, based on data from the Statistical Accounting System.

The partner is awarded remuneration on the terms and in the amounts stipulated in the agreement.

How cost per impression is determined for RTB blocks

The cost per impression for an RTB block is determined through real-time auctions.

Ad platforms may limit the minimum cost per impression in their advertising space by using a minimum CPM threshold (MinCPM). If a minimum CPM is not set or is set equal to“ 0”, all bids will participate in the auction.

Bids placed through DSP are sorted by lowest price and the response with the highest cost per impression is chosen. The final cost per ad impression is determined based on the second-price auction principle: the winner pays the minimum price that was sufficient to win.

If the auction involved several bids that exceeded the minimum CPM, the winner pays the second price (the bid of the nearest competitor) + one bidding increment.

If only one bid in the auction exceeded the minimum CPM, the price of the impression will be equal to the minimum threshold.

If none of the bids exceeded the minimum CPM, none of the DSPs will win.

Extra earnings from showing your own ads in an RTB block

To maximize their revenue by using several advertising systems, the partner can insert code from third-party systems when creating or configuring such a block. In this case, if no bid won in the RTB auction, your ad code is called. The number of impressions of your ads is controlled using a minimum CPM threshold.

Our partners are given access to our statistical reports, in which data on RTB block impressions and impressions of your ads are presented separately.