Auction of RTB block designs

The ad platform's revenue directly depends on its conversion rate. You can increase your conversion rate by experimenting with the design and positioning of ad blocks on your site. However, no universal recommendations apply to ad block design: each ad platform and each user are unique. Moreover, ads related to different subjects should have different designs.

Design auction is a tool that lets you configure several different designs for contextual ads in the RTB block.

When an ad is served, Yandex machine learning algorithms identify the design that's most likely to convert a particular site user. The algorithms account for many factors. Here are some of them:
  • Ad subject.
  • User device type.
  • Screen resolution.
Design auction lets you select the designs that can potentially produce the most revenue.

Creating multiple designs

On the page with a list of blocks, click Edit next to the desired block, and click the Advertising formats tab. Click Add format and set up the design. We recommend that you start experimenting with the most important settings, such as the maximum number of ads and the ad block format.

The changes take effect automatically (without reinstalling the code on the site) within 30 minutes after saving.

The optimal number of designs per experiment is 6-7. The training takes 2 weeks on average, but too many designs or low traffic on the ad platform may extend this period.

Analysis of indicators

The design card shows indicators to help you choose the most profitable design options.


Percentage of cases when the design won the auction.

CPM growth
The percentage of gain in the CPM threshold compared to the nearest competitive design.

The indicator values will start changing as soon as impressions begin. To get more reliable data, start tracking the values of indicators in 2 weeks after the auction launches. For more detailed statistics, see the Monetization report.

Note. You can delete the designs with the lowest indicators to avoid spending traffic on them.