Custom-size block

Using the settings, you can set the size of the ad block, define the maximum number of ads in it, and set up fonts and design.

If the site layout specifies the size of the container around the ad block, this size is used for the block. If the container size is omitted or can't be identified, the size from the ad block settings is used.

To create a Custom-size block, select the Fixed-size block type and Enter size manually as the orientation.

The maximum number of ads in this block is nine Yandex.Direct ads or one banner. Maximum width and height of the block is 160 pixels. Note that the area needed to display one Yandex.Direct ad is 60,000 square pixels (for example, 200 × 300 pixels).

You can enable animation in the block: the image will move smoothly up and down inside the display area. To add animation, enable the option in the Design details menu on the right.

For more information on how you can configure the ad block so that it resizes automatically depending on the site version that is displayed, see the section Container dimensions for custom-size ad blocks.

You can display ads in Interscroller: the contents of the ad block appears smoothly from under the content while the user scrolls the page. You can enable this option in theHow to display menu.
Note. The parallax effect in the block is achieved by the CSS position: fixed property. Therefore, for the effect to apply correctly to any of the parent elements in the banner, do not use the transform, perspective, or filter properties. Learn more about position:fixed in CSS.
How it looks on desktop sites
How it looks on mobile devices