Family filter

Many site owners do not want to see “adult” advertising on their internet resources. Partners can install a family filter and thus limit the display of “adult” ads on the Advertising Network dedicated topic and search platforms. “Adult ads” will not be shown even if they match the content on the page. Ads are filtered not only based on text but also based on the key phrases indicated by advertisers.

To determine whether you need to install a family filter, we recommend that you take into account the age of your audience and the theme of your site (a wide-ranging site or one where “adult” themes may possibly be raised).

Ad units that offer products or services “for adults” may not be appropriate for sites that are read by diverse age groups or that target a children's audience in particular. If your site is listed in an “adult” category, you do not need to enable filtering, since, probably, these ad units will be relevant to your visitors.


The family filter can be activated for a particular section of your website. To do this, you need to create a separate dedicated topic platform for this section.

To disable or enable the family filter on a specific platform, go to the list of platforms (Products → Dedicated topic platforms orProducts → Search platforms) and click the Edit button next to the line of the desired platform. Change the position of the Family filter switch on the Settings tab of the form that opens.

All changes to settings will automatically take effect 30 minutes after saving them.


If you still see “adult” ads on your platform after turning on the family filter, please send a screenshot of the page and the ad's link (it will have the form ..) to the support service.

You can request the support service to the disable the display of ads for the following subject areas:
  • Medicine, health, and beauty
  • Children's food
  • News media
  • Magic and new age
  • Underwear and bathing suits
  • Dating
  • Finance, insurance, and bank services
  • Game currency and virtual goods
  • Get-rich-quick schemes