Blocking ads of competitors

You can block the display of unsolicited ads (for example, ads from competitors) in Direct ads on any Advertising Network platform.

On a page with a list of platforms (Products → Theme-based platforms or Products → Search platforms) click Edit for the required platform and select Blocking.

Ads can be blocked as follows:

  • by website domain or mobile app Bundle ID: add domains or Bundle IDs that relate to ads that should not be displayed on a platform;
  • by phone number: add phone numbers that relate to adds that should not be displayed on a platform (for example, +7 (495) 739-70-00). Blocking by telephone number is only used for ads that do not link to a site.

Specify the domain, Bundle ID or phone number in New blocking and click Add. All changes to settings will automatically take effect 30 minutes after saving them.

Note. Please keep in mind that disabling ads that lead to certain domains may result in a reduced number of ads being displayed and, consequently, a reduction in revenue from ad placement.

To delete the block, find it in the Blocked section and delete with (displayed when hovered over).