Managing ad platforms

In an Advertising Network context, a platform (or advertising platform) is a combination of locations where ads are displayed on one site, including its mirrors.

There are two types of Advertising Network ad platforms:

  • A content platform is a site for displaying an ad that is related to the platform page context or is based on the visitor's interests. You can list Yandex.Direct units and RTB units on these platforms.

  • A search platform is a site for displaying an ad in platform search results in context of a query submitted by the visitor. These platforms can host both search Direct blocks and premium placements.

Creating a platform

To create a new platform, go to the list of platforms (Products → Content platforms or Products → Search platforms) and click Add platform. Select a platform domain from the list and enter the name of your platform. Several platforms of the same type may exist for one site.

Why create several platforms?
Some Advertising Network settings are specified individually for each platform, but not for the whole site or different blocks. For example, you can restrict the display of “adult advertising” on certain pages of a site by creating a specific platform and enabling a family filter on it, or you can create two separate content platforms for displaying illustrated Direct ads and regular text ads.

After saving, the platform will be assigned a unique identifier (Page ID) and it will be displayed in the list of platforms with the status No statistics (for a platform that's already been moderated) or Awaiting moderation.

When blocks are created for this platform, their code is installed on the site, and impressions start, the status changes to Working.

Configuring the platform

Click Edit to change platform settings.

The following settings can be configured for the whole platform (but not for specific blocks).

You can also specify your website's language. The language is selected for elements of ads and blocks, but does not impact the content of the ads. Ad promotions are selected for each user on an individual basis. You can select between Russian (ru), Ukrainian (uk), English (en), Belarusian (by), Kazakh (kz), Turkish (tr), and Tatar (tt) languages.

Metrica reports

When a platform is saved in the interface, Yandex.Metrica automatically within 30 minutes creates a new counter to evaluate site performance.

After you place ad blocks created for this platform on website pages, Metrica starts collecting traffic statistics for these pages. This data is included in reports: click Metrica reports in the line with the required platform.

Stopping and archiving the platform

To stop displaying all ad units on a particular platform, click the Actions → Stop button. To resume displaying ads, click the Actions → Enable ad displays button.

A platform with no impression and click statistics can be added to the archive. To do this, click the Actions → Archive button. If the platform has accumulated statistical data, first stop the display of ads on this platform and then add it to the archive.

You can restore archived platforms on the Archive tab.