Managing ad platforms

In the Yandex Advertising Network, a platform (or advertising platform) is the combination of places for showing ads on a single website and any mirrors.

There are two types of Yandex Advertising Network ad platforms:

  • A content site is for serving ads that are related to the context of website pages or that match the user's interests. These types of websites can host RTB blocks.

  • A site search ad platform is for serving ads in site search results to match the context of the user's search terms. There are two types of Yandex.Direct search ads that can be displayed on these websites:
    • “Premium placement”: Ads displayed above search results.

    • “Guaranteed placement”: Ads displayed under search results.

    Note. Search sites are only available for resources with more than 20 million unique users per month. If your website meets this requirement, send an application to our support service to register.

Creating an ad platform

To create a new platform, go to the list of platforms (Products → Content sites) and click Add platform. Select a platform domain from the list and enter the name of your platform. Several platforms of the same type may exist for one site.

Why create several platforms?
Some Advertising Network settings are specified individually for each platform, but not for the whole site or different blocks. For example, you can restrict the display of “adult” ads on certain pages by creating two separate content sites for displaying Yandex.Direct ads with images and regular text ads.
After saving, the ad platform will be assigned a unique identifier (Page ID) and appear in the list of platforms with one of the following statuses:
  • Needs approval — Used for websites listed in the registration form.
  • New — Used for sites you create after registering.
  • Testing — Used for sites that have passed moderation.

Once blocks are created for this content site, their code is installed in the player, and impressions are enabled, the status will change to Working.


Each ad platform can host up to 200 active ad blocks. You should move unused ad blocks to the archive.

If you need to use more than 200 blocks on one ad platform, please contact our support team.

Configuring the platform

Click Edit to change platform settings.

The following settings can be configured for the whole platform (but not for specific blocks).

You can also specify your website's language. The language is selected for elements of ads and blocks, but does not impact the content of the ads. Ad impressions are selected for each user on an individual basis. You can select between Russian (ru), Ukrainian (uk), English (en), Belarusian (by), Kazakh (kz), Turkish (tr), and Tatar (tt) languages.

Yandex.Metrica reports

When a platform is saved in the interface, Yandex.Metrica automatically creates a new tag within 30 minutes to evaluate site performance.

After you place ad blocks created for this platform on website pages, Yandex.Metrica starts collecting traffic statistics for these pages. This data is included in reports: click Metrica reports in the line with the required platform.

Stopping and archiving the ad platform

To stop displaying all ad blocks on a particular platform, click the Actions → Stop button. To resume ad impressions, click Actions → Start impressions.

A platform that doesn't have statistics for impressions and clicks can be archived. To do this, click Actions → Archive. If the platform has accumulated statistical data, first stop ad impressions on this platform and then add it to the archive.

You can restore archived platforms on the Archive tab.

If you didn't find the information you were looking for, check the FAQ or contact us.

I don't like the ads that were selected for my site

To disable impressions for ads that link to certain domains (for example, to disable impressions for your competitors' ads), you can block competitors.

If you feel that the text or images displayed in ads violate the Yandex ad placement rules or Russian law, or have a negative impact on your traffic and user activity, please contact us via the feedback form. In your message, indicate the link that the ad directs to (a link like or and send a screenshot of the page.

Ads on the site do not match the site's theme

The Yandex Advertising Network may display ads based on user interests. This technology helps users see ads that most interest them, helps advertisers better target their intended audience, and helps partners earn more money.

Other issues