Yandex.Video for Advertising Network partners

Yandex Advertising Network's participating video resources may receive special placement spaces on Yandex.Video pages.

How it works

Yandex.Video finds videos placed on publicly accessible video resources in response to a user's search. The ordered list of responses is called "organic search results".

The system also searches the Yandex Advertising Network's participating video resources in response to each user search in parallel. Special placement spaces are created for videos that match the search. If responses from several partners or several videos of the same partner are found, multiple special spaces will be created. These special spaces improve the partner's video content position in relation to its position in organic search results.

Special spaces are marked with the label . The position and sequence of special spaces are defined by Yandex internal algorithms to ensure the best search quality for service users.

Upon the player's request, Yandex.Video transmits a type of placement in the from URL parameter:

  • yavideo: for special placement spaces created for Yandex Advertising Network partners, for example:
  • yavideoserp: for calls from organic search results, for example:

Conditions of placement

The following conditions should be met:

  • The partner must have a valid Yandex Advertising Network agreement.

  • The Partner must sign an additional guarantee letter confirming their rights to use the video content.

  • The video player called from special placement spaces (from=yavideo) should contain Advertising Network video blocks code and should not contain ad code from other advertising systems (including video advertising and text pop-ups).

    This does not apply to a video player called from organic search results (from=yavideoserp). For more information on advertising in videos, see the Help for Yandex.Video.

  • Yandex may display videos placed on third party video resources (not Yandex Advertising Network participants) as an experiment. Such videos may be displayed in special places on Yandex.Video pages. Such experiments are a great way for us to improve the quality of our products and services, and to develop new offers. For any additional information, contact the support service.