Resource management

In terms of the Yandex Advertising Network, a resource (or video resource) is a group of video ad display spots on the same platform (website, mobile app, or Smart TV app).

Creating a video resource

To create a new video resource, go to the list of resources (Products → Resources) and click Add a video resource. Partners can add several resources for one account.

Why create several resources?
Some Advertising Network settings are set for each resource, not for specific video blocks. For example, you can create a separate resource and disable Skip ad countdown on it.
  1. Select a website domain from the list and specify the resource name on the General tab. On the Platform tab, select a platform to display the ads:

    • Flash should be used for desktop and mobile Flash-based websites.

    • HTML5 should be used for desktop and mobile HTML5-based websites.

    • Mobile Apps should be used for mobile apps.

    • Smart TV should be used for Smart TV apps.

    In the Frequency cap for impressions per time unit field, specify how often an ad can be served to a resource user per session.

  2. On the Appearance tab:

    • You can download a player skin in the Skinning block if you are using your own player and Yandex Video SDK.

    • If you are using Yandex.Video player, set the following options:

      • Descriptive text — A text to show at the beginning of an ad directly in the player (for example: “Thanks to this ad, you can view this video for free”).

      • Time left until ad skip — Enable or disable the ad countdown.

      • Skip ad countdown — Set the countdown duration in seconds.

    Read more about supported integration models.

After saving, the resource will be assigned a unique identifier (Page ID), and the resource will be displayed in a list of video resources with the New status.

When blocks are created for this resource, their code has been installed in the player and impressions start, the status changes to Working.


Each resource can host up to 200 active ad blocks. You should move unused ad blocks to the archive.

If you need to use more than 200 blocks on one resource, please contact our support team.