Position of video blocks in InStream scripts

The position of a video block in an InStream script defines when a video should be played in relation to the main video content requested by the user:

  • Pre-roll — Before the main content.
  • Mid-roll — At a specific time within the main video content.
  • Post-roll — After the main content.
  • Pause-roll — When the "Pause" button is pressed.
  • In-roll — When a certain point in the video is reached (only supported by the Yandex player).
  • Overlay — Inside the player over the main content.

The Yandex Advertising Network has the following restrictions on the number of blocks in different locations created for a single video section:

  • Pre-roll — Maximum 1.
  • Mid-roll — Maximum 7.
  • Post-roll — Maximum 1.
  • Pause-roll — Maximum 1.