Position of video blocks in the Instream script

The position of the video block in the Instream script determines how the video should be played relative to the main video content that the resource user requested:

  • Pre-roll — before the main content
  • Mid-roll — by time inside the main content
  • Post-roll — after the main content
  • Pause-roll — when the video is paused
  • In-roll — when a certain point is reached in the video (only with the Yandex player)
  • Overlay — on top of the content in the player

Yandex Advertising Network has the following restrictions on the number of blocks for different positions created for a single section of a video resource:

  • Pre-roll — no more than one
  • Mid-roll — no more than seven
  • Post-roll — no more than one
  • Pause-roll — no more than one