Creating an Instream script

A visual code designer is used to create video blocks in the Advertising Network interface. Use the designer to configure blocks and get the code to be placed on a site.

To add a video block, you first need to create an Instream script, and then create a block within the script. You need to create a separate block for each position.

  1. Create scripts
  2. Create an ad block

Create scripts

  1. Go to the list of scripts: Products → Instream scripts.
  2. Click Create a script.
  3. Think of a name for the script.
  4. Indicate a resource from the list (a page or section of a site) to embed.

Create an ad block

  1. On the script page, click Add a block and select the position of the block. Note the restrictions.
  2. On the Common tab, go to the list and choose the maximum duration of the ad block and the maximum number of video ads in the block. For the Mid-roll position, specify the start time of the block relative to the main video content in seconds. Click Continue.

  3. On the Strategy tab, specify the minimum CPM threshold for a block. You can also specify code for calling your ad in order to display video ads from other advertising systems in the same advertising space or put a placeholder in case the auction does not have a suitable offer to display. Click Continue.

  4. On the Advertising platform tab, select the desired platforms and set the frequency limit for impressions. Click Save.

After saving, the block will be assigned a unique ID and will appear in the list of video blocks. The block ID (ID) consists of the product ID (R-V), platform ID (page_id) , and the serial number of the block.

If you want to change the position of the block (pre-roll/mid-roll/post-roll/pause-roll/in-roll/overlay), create a new block.