Traffic management strategies for Fullscreen blocks

To select a traffic management strategy, go to the list of blocks (Products → Fullscreen blocks). Find a block in the list, click Edit, and go to the Strategy tab.

The Minimum CPM threshold strategy helps set the starting price for RTB ads on the ad platform. If the auction bids are higher than this threshold, then banners from Yandex RTB will be displayed. If the bids are lower, then your ads — the code for which you provided in the appropriate field — are displayed. Specify the starting price for 1000 impressions in the Minimum CPM threshold field in rubles without VAT. The actual CPM and your revenue can be higher than the indicated threshold — you set the cost for ad platform entry, but you do not limit the maximum bids of the advertisers.

The Separate CPM strategy makes it possible to limit the number of context ad and media ad impressions using individual CPM thresholds, or to block any types of advertising completely. If no blocks and no thresholds are set, it is assumed that the threshold is zero.

Your ad code can be specified in the appropriate field on the Strategy tab.