Creating an In-Stream block

To create an In-Stream block, go to In-Stream blocks and click Add video block.

Step 1. General

Fill in the fields:

  • Resource — select the necessary resource from the drop-down list.

  • Block position — select the video block display scenario: pre-, post-, mid-, or in-roll.

  • Maximum length of block — specify the maximum duration of one block. The total duration of all videos in it may be less than the specified duration.

  • Maximum number of videos — specify the maximum number of videos in one block. We recommend setting this parameter to no more than three videos.

Note. If you specified a maximum of two videos for a block with a 60-second duration, no more than two videos are displayed, even if there's still time left.
Step 2. Strategy

Choose the appropriate traffic management strategy.

Step 3. Click Create.

To display the block, you need to integrate video ads into your resource.