In-page ads

To monetize your Turbo pages, you can enable the Yandex Advertising Network blocks or ads from other systems using ADFOX.

Follow these steps to enable this type of ad:

Step 1. Creating an ad block

To create an ad block:
  1. Go to Products → RTB blocks and click Add RTB block.
  2. In the second step of creating an RTB block, select Turbo pages for mobile and click Next.
  3. Set up the ad formats for Yandex.Direct and display ads.

    Learn more about RTB block formats.

  4. Set up the strategy and click Create. Learn more about strategy types.
  5. Copy the ID of the created block and use it when enabling ads in Yandex.Webmaster settings. The ID has the format R‑A‑123456‑7.

To display more than one ad on a page, create multiple ad blocks. You can duplicate the blocks.

Step 2. Enabling and checking

You can position blocks on the page manually or using automatic ad placement.

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to Turbo pages → Settings → Ads.
  2. Under Ad blocks in content, click Add and select the ad block type.
  3. Depending on the block type, enter the block ID in the YAN field or the embed code in the ADFOX field.
  4. If you have specified multiple ad blocks, order them by display priority using the icon. The order will be taken into account at ad placement.
  5. Save changes.
Note. If you have already configured positioning manually (you passed the ad details in the RSS feed), then the ad settings are ignored by Yandex.Webmaster. To add the ads in Yandex.Webmaster:
  1. Enter the information in Turbo pages → Settings.
  2. Delete the item turbo:adNetwork and its content from the RSS feed.
  3. Wait for the RSS file to update in Yandex.Webmaster.