Violation of our Terms of Use

I would like to report a site's violation of the Advertising Network's Terms of Use

Sites are checked for compliance with the Terms of Use on the Advertising Network as soon as their application is submitted. In addition, we constantly check specially selected groups of sites for compliance with our Terms of Use. If we detect that sites do not comply with our Terms of Use, we terminate their participation on the Yandex Advertising Network.

Please notify us if you come across a website that does not comply with Yandex Advertising Network rules. Describe the violation detected so that we can investigate the matter.

A third-party company offered to help me increase my ad click-through rate

We do not recommend using the help of people or organizations offering increased CTR, clicks, site audience, revenue, etc. In most cases, their employed methods are prohibited and may lead to your account being blocked. Moreover, they might perform actions without your knowledge or consent. Usually they require you to share a portion of the additional revenue that you could earn from their actions.

In such cases, all risk is borne by the ad platform owner. The owner not only loses money, but will be permanently banned from the YAN due to violations of the Terms of Use, which prohibit the use of systems that artificially boost ad impressions and click-throughs. Please be sufficiently diligent and skeptical of all offers of supposedly quick and easy money.

Please let us know if you receive an offer like this. This will help us improve our security system to prevent similar fraudulent actions in the future.

I would like to attract more visitors to my pages that contain ads

We do not recommend artificially attracting more visitors to pages containing Yandex ads, as an increase in incoming traffic to your site could lead to invalid ad impressions and clicks. According to our Terms of Use, our partners are prohibited from directly or indirectly creating artificially contrived queries, ad impressions or clicks. Please keep in mind that any use of services that attract additional visitors to earn money for ad impressions or clicks as well as any use of automated click and view exchange programs will negatively affect our advertisers and could cause your site to be permanently blocked from the Yandex Advertising Network.

We recommend against using other services that attract additional visitors to pages of your site. A much more effective strategy for your site would be to add new pages with original and interesting content so that users would actually want to repeatedly visit your site. As a rule, this increases the number of visitors, helps you create a loyal audience, and increases your revenue.