Ad effectiveness

This page answers frequently asked questions about low effectiveness of ads that could in turn lead to low site revenue.

The ads on my site have a low number of impressions

We recommend that you first take the following actions:

  • Make sure that your site has no problems with page accessibility and that error codes 404, 502, 500, or 204 are not appearing (see Monitoring availability).
  • Check the ad block visibility percentage. Make sure that the ads are being displayed in most browsers. Yandex.Metrica reports might help you. YAN ad blocks are tested in all modern browsers and in all operating systems.
  • Check the value of the minimum CPM threshold for RTB blocks. If the value is too high and you have not inserted code for your own ads, this could lead to a significant reduction in the number of ad impressions.
  • Check the list of competitor domains. A large number of blocked competitor domains could lead to a noticeable reduction in the number of ad impressions.
  • Assess the feasibility of using the family filter. Keep in mind that the family filter can be enabled for specific sections instead of the entire site.
  • Install the latest ad code version with the code designer. Do not independently modify ad code unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, the number of ad impressions may change due to seasonal fluctuations.

The ads on my site have a low CTR

Here are a few reasons why ads on a site could have a low number of clicks:

  • The site has been provided with broadly-themed ads because its pages are inaccessible to indexing by the YAN robot. The CTR for ads that match the context of site pages is higher than the CTR for broadly-themed ads.
  • The site is not enabled for behavioral targeting. Our researchers have shown that enabling the display of ads based on user interests increases the CTR for the overwhelming majority of sites.
  • Ad blocks are ineffectively positioned: they are unnoticeable to users or distract from the main content of the page. Check out our CTR research.
  • The design of ad blocks was poorly chosen, ads are barely discernible, or they irritate users with their intrusiveness. Experiment with the color design of ad blocks. Make sure that the display of images as well as icons from advertisers' sites has been enabled for Yandex.Direct ad blocks.

The ads on my site have a low CPC

The CPC on the Yandex Advertising Network depends primarily on two factors:

  • Site content. The CPC for ads with a specific theme depends on the competition: the number of advertisers, CTR, and the bids for their ads. Enable ad targeting based on user interests, which will help expand the list of categories for ads on your site.
  • Site quality. Improving the quality of your site can significantly improve the CPC and increase your site's revenue.

CPC is usually controlled by reducing the number of ads or increasing the amount of commercially-targeted content on a site. However, such changes could ultimately lead to the loss of a substantial portion of your loyal audience – which might decrease your revenue.

The CPC normally falls as advertisers learn to better manage their budgets. Yandex continually adapts the ad selection algorithms that affect CTR. This makes our advertising products more attractive not only for advertisers, but also for partners and their site users.