Placing and displaying ads

I inserted code but the ads are not being displayed

Here are a few possible reasons for problems with displaying ads:

  • the ad code was just inserted: the YAN robot requires some time to index the page and link it to ads. Be patient and ads will begin to show;

  • your ad code was inserted incorrectly: check that your JavaScript ad block code has been correctly inserted. Please keep in mind that when copying code, your text editor could truncate or carry over lengthy strings, and JavaScript code could run incorrectly with such strings. Please be attentive and do not modify code when copying;

  • code is not valid for this ad platform: make sure that the inserted ad block code was created for the specific ad platform and not for one of your other ad platforms;

  • site is banned from indexing: the site must be accessible for indexing by the YAN robot — YandexDirect. If indexing a site or its individual pages is banned (for example, in the robots.txt file), the robot will not be able to index the content of the pages nor select relevant ads for them;

  • the text was closed with a <noindex> tag: make sure that the page has text and that it has not been closed with the <noindex> tag. It is not possible to select theme-based ads for pages that have no text;

  • your browser has cached old information: to update the information, press CTRL+F5.

I don't like the ads that were selected for my site

If you don't want to see ads related to particular topics on your site, use the family filter. To disable the display of ads whose links direct to certain domains (for example, disable display of your competitors' ads), block competitors.

Please contact us if you think that ad texts or images contained in ads violate the rules for placing ads on Yandex or the laws of the Russian Federation, or negatively affect traffic and the activity of your site's visitors. In your message, indicate the link that the ad directs to (a link like or and send a screenshot of the page.

Ads on the site do not match the site's theme

The Yandex Advertising Network may display ads based on user interests. This technology helps users see ads that most interest them, helps advertisers better target their intended audience, and helps partners earn more money.

I would like to place ad blocks from other ad systems on my site

You can place ad blocks from other ad systems on the same page as Yandex ad blocks. However, in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Advertising Network, ad blocks from other systems must be different from Yandex ad blocks (they must be designed in a different format and with a different color scheme). Ad code from other theme-based advertising systems must not interfere with the execution of ad code from the Yandex Advertising Network and must not in any way affect the displayed ads.

Please note that YAN blocks can display advertising from other systems (alternative advertising in Direct blocks or your own advertising in RTB blocks).

I would like to make modifications to Yandex ad block code

According to the Terms of Use for the Yandex Advertising Network, partners shall not modify Yandex ad block code in any way. In addition, partners shall not:

  • modify hyperlink addresses contained in ads or use any other means to modify Yandex-defined user redirects from ads, substitute or use any other means to hinder user access to pages or sites specified in hyperlinks within ads;

  • delete, edit, or displace an ad or page containing an ad, apply filters to it, modify the order, type, or other characteristics of ad display.

If any of these rules are violated, a partner account on the Advertising Network may be blocked.

I would like to use my own scripts to count statistics on ad blocks

Yandex does not inspect any external scripts. If any use of a script results in a violation of our Terms of Use, the Advertising Network partner's account may be blocked.

Number of clicks/impressions in statistics has decreased

Invalid clicks and impressions (malicious or erroneous) may be removed from the clicks and impressions statistics. The filtration process takes from two days to a month, therefore some indicators in the statistics in this time may slightly decrease.