Account problems

I forgot my username

The username that you use to access the Ad Network is also the username for all Yandex services, so you can change or restore it only through :

I forgot my password

The password that you use to access the Yandex Advertising Network is also the password for all Yandex services, so you can change or restore it only through :

My contact info/payment details have changed

Use the button in the top right corner of the screen to edit your contact details.

To change your details, please send us a request and specify your login and contract number.

My account has been blocked

Yandex takes the security of its placed ads very seriously, therefore we cannot disclose many details about why we block partner accounts, nor do we engage in any communication regarding the severity of a violation or ways to rectify the problem.

If we detect that the security of advertising materials is under threat, Yandex reserves the right to terminate an ad platform's participation on the Yandex Advertising Network and block a partner account in order to protect the interests of our advertisers as well as to protect our automated algorithms that we use to detect invalid ad impressions or clicks.

I was registered via a PSC and want to transfer to direct work with Yandex

Since September 15, 2014, we have stopped working with Partner Service Centers entirely and, accordingly, discontinued the display of advertising on all ad platforms working through a PSC. If by this date you do not succeed in transferring to a direct agreement with Yandex, then to continue working you need to re-register, pass moderation again, and reinstall ad blocks.

Unfortunately, if your ad platforms were not linked to a Yandex login, we cannot give you access to statistics that were accumulated in the process of working via a PSC. If the ad platforms were linked to a Yandex login, the accumulated statistics can be viewed under the old account, but you cannot link them to a new one.

All questions concerning payments and mutual settlements for partners connected through a PSC should be directed to the selected partner service center.

I would like to restore a blocked account

Unfortunately, blocked accounts cannot be restored. Keep in mind that these measures were taken only after a thorough analysis, which revealed a threat to the security of our advertisers' ad materials on sites registered under your account.

As a YAN partner, I would like to improve my position in Yandex search results

Indexing of YAN partners' site pages for ad display purposes occurs independently of search robot indexing. The Yandex Advertising Network robot scans pages of your site only to determine the theme of your pages and to increase the effectiveness of your ads.