Protecting advertisers

Yandex takes the security of its ads very seriously. For this reason, to protect from fraudulent or erroneous clicks, we use a multi-stage technology that includes automatic as well as manual filtering methods.

Each click on an ad is analyzed in real time by automatic filters that take into account more than twenty parameters with various influence coefficients, and all parameters are recomputed for each new click. In addition, here we use comprehensive click monitoring methods that let us not only filter out potential fraudulent clicks, but also help us improve our automated protection system. All above-listed measures implemented by the system and our experts are aimed at preventing artificially contrived ad impressions and clicks.

Clicks that are determined to be invalid are not counted in our statistics and our advertisers are not charged for them. Note that invalid clicks are processed within a month. After processing, filtered clicks will be removed from statistics.

All methods used to generate artificial or fraudulent ad clicks or impressions are categorically prohibited. Partners of the Yandex Advertising Network shall not:

  • Place any phrases that artificially attract attention to ad blocks over any Yandex advertisement, such as “Important message”, “Our sponsors”, “Click the ad”, “Support us”, “Menu”, etc.

  • Directly or indirectly create queries, execute ad displays or clicks on them in any search results or contextual pages or ad blocks (independently or via involvement of third parties) manually or using any possible hardware/software means, including through use of any automated means of reproducing impressions or clicks (multiple clicks, use of agent programs, etc.), or by any other means not listed here.

  • Modify hyperlink addresses contained in ads or use any other means to modify Yandex-defined user redirects from ads, substitute or use any other means to hinder user access to pages or sites specified in hyperlinks within ads.

  • Delete, edit, or displace a Yandex ad or page containing an ad, apply filters to it, modify the order, type, or other characteristics of ad display at the established ad locations.

  • Change the display mode of a page for a priority ad impression.

  • Place other ad blocks with a similar format and color scheme on pages containing Yandex advertising materials.

If a partner violates any of the above-listed restrictions, Yandex reserves the right to decline further placement of ad materials on that partner's site and immediately terminate that partner's contract. The partner's services for the reporting period in which Yandex discovered such a violation will be considered invalid and will not be paid.