Safeguarding advertisers

Yandex makes it a priority to protect advertisers on the platform. To achieve this, we use a multi-factor protection technology with both manual and automatic filters, with is designed to safeguard ads from any invalid clicks, whether they were intentionally deceptive or simple misclicks.

Each ad click is processed by automatic filters. More than 20 parameters of varying influence quotients are analyzed in real time, and each new click triggers the process again. This method also uses complex click monitoring, which can filter out potentially deceptive clicks as well as improve automatic safeguarding mechanisms. Our specialists and automatic protection system work together to prevent artificially inflated ad impressions and clicks.

Any clicks that were deemed invalid are not factored into statistical data and the advertiser's account is not charged for them. Keep in mind that it takes up to a month to process the data on invalid clicks. All the clicks filtered out in the process are removed from the statistics.

Confirming site clicks

If ad clicks registered on the platforms of YAN partners lead to bounces on the advertisers' landing pages, the user experience will be compromised and advertisers will be less likely to trust the platform and the Yandex Advertising Network.

For extra protection, RTB blocks with a large number of deceptive clicks trigger an extra confirmation before taking the user to the advertiser's website. When the ad is clicked, the buttons Go to site and Cancel appear. The user is only taken to the website if they click the Go to site button.

The safeguard mechanism analyzes the average bounce rate for a specific block after a click has been made and enables the extra click confirmation for blocks whose bounce rate is noticeably higher than average. The list of such blocks is updated once every 24 hours. Once the bounce rate stabilizes, the extra click confirmation will be disabled automatically.

Enabling an extra click confirmation for ads improves the user experience on your resource. This reduces the number of unmotivated clicks and improves the CPMV. The total revenue may change over time.

To reduce bounces, check the layout of ad blocks hosted on the website. The ads should not obscure the main content, interface, or buttons on the website. They should not hinder users from interacting with your website. Ignoring these recommendations will most likely lead to accidental ad clicks.

Partner responsibility

Creating false or deceptive clicks and impressions is strictly prohibited. All partners who join the Yandex Advertising Network must follow our rules:

  • Don't put any attention-grabbing phrases under Yandex ads in order to force users to notice the ad blocks. Such phrases include “Take a look”, “Our sponsors”, “Click the ad”, “Support us”, “Menu”, and others.

  • Do not create queries, impressions, or clicks displayed in search results, ad blocks, or context pages, whether they are integrated directly or indirectly, with or without the help of third-parties, manually or with the aid of specialized hardware or software, including but not limited to any means of automatically replicating impressions or clicks, such as multi-clicks, software agents, and any others.

  • Do not change hyperlink addresses in ads, do not change the redirect links set up by Yandex, and do not hinder access to webpages or websites by modifying the hyperlinks in ads or in any other way.

  • Do not remove, edit, or hide Yandex ads or webpages that include ads, do not filter ads, do not change the ads' display order, design, or any other display settings set up for ads on the specified ad spaces.

  • Do not change the page display mode for prioritized ad impressions.

  • Do not try to mimic Yandex ads by placing ads of a similar format or color on the same webpages that host Yandex ads.

If a partner violates these rules, Yandex reserves the right to stop hosting ads on the partner's website and terminate their contract. All services falling within the reporting period of the violation are considered unrendered and will not be subject to compensation.