Report constructor

You can edit a set of metrics in a standard report yourself or create a new report from scratch in the Report wizard.

  1. To create a new report from scratch in the Reports tab, click the Create report button. Set the required time period and, if necessary, the comparison period.

    To create a new report based on a standard one, open the standard report from the list on the Reports tab, and click Wizard in the top right corner. If necessary, change the time period and the comparison period.

  2. In the Statistics level level dropdown list, select the type of statistics you want to view: by revenue, platform or by block. The available set of groupings and filters in the next steps depends on this selection: the deeper statistics level you choose, the more detailed data you'll be able to obtain.

  3. To create a report on specific platforms, blocks, statuses, etc., use the Filters block.

  4. A table can display more detailed information than a chart: to use this option, enable Separate chart and table settings and specify all the required parameters separately in the Chart settings and the Table settings blocks.

  5. Use the Data groups block to specify how reported data should be grouped. Note that you can group RTB and Yandex.Direct blocks created in the legacy interface by cross-section identifier (Cross-section ID).

  6. Select the required statistical metrics in the Source data blocks.

    Tip. When you hover the mouse over , a tooltip for a metric in the wizard or a table field in the report appears.

Click Show report. A data chart and a data table will be shown below.

Note. If you don't separate chart and table settings, but select too many metrics in the Data groups block, you might not be able to build a chart.

Saving a report

Use the following functions to save report parameters for future reference:

  • Save report — To display the report in a list on the Reports tab.

  • Save as widget — To add the report to a dashboard.

  • Export to Excel — To export the report to XLS and save on a computer (to open with MS Excel, for instance).

  • Share a link — To copy to clipboard a unique link to the report (the report will only be available to authorized Advertising Network interface users).