Statistics and monitoring

Yandex Advertising Network provides partners with convenient tools to analyze statistics, increase the efficiency of their ad blocks and, as a result, raise revenues.

Statistics analysis tools are available on the Statistics page:

  • The Reports tab contains a list of standard reports (the set of reports depends on the products available for placement) and reports saved in the constructor.
  • You can create and view new reports on the Create a new report tab, using the report constructor.
  • You can download offline reports with resource statistics with regard to main video content on the Video content reports tab.
  • You can save dates of important events (such as website redesign date) on the Event log tab to monitor their impact on revenue changes more easily.

Platform-specific or block-specific reports can also be conveniently opened from the page with the list of platforms (for example, Products → Content sites) or a list of blocks (for example, Products → RTB blocks). Find the required platform or block in the list and click the link in the Statistics column.

Saved reports can also be added to the dashboard as widgets.

Statistics in Yandex.Metrica

For information on how to work with Yandex.Metrica, see the section Yandex.Metrica reports. Site traffic statistics.

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