Start displaying ads

  1. Setting up ad impressions
  2. What should I do next?

You can start getting acquainted with the Yandex Advertising Network right after filling out the application. You will be granted access to the YAN interface automatically.

To start displaying ads on your resource:

  1. Pass the moderation process on the platform.
  2. Create an ad block.
  3. Embed the ad code on your website.

Ads are picked based on the website's or app's content and the interests of each particular user. To learn more about the types of content allowed for impressions, see Moderating ad subjects.

Setting up ad impressions

Step 1. Platform moderation

The resource you enter in the application will be added to the list of platforms and is automatically submitted for moderation. Site moderation usually takes less than a day, but in rare cases, it may take up to a few days. To learn more about moderation, see Moderation.

To view your moderation status, go to Products → Content sites. Wait until you're approved and then you can start creating an ad block.

Step 2. Creating an ad block
  1. Open the Products tab and select Content sites → RTB blocks.

  2. Click Add RTB block.

  3. Select the site that you entered in the application from the list.

  4. Select the version of the site where you plan on placing the ad block.

  5. Add the ad formats thay you want to see displayed on your platform and configure their design. The default formats are Media ads and Standard design (which is a classic hypertext design used for Yandex.Direct ads).

  6. Set your traffic management strategy. We recommend choosing the Maximum revenue strategy for your first ad block, which will utilize all available traffic.

  7. Click Create.

Step 3. Embedding the ad code on your website

To start serving ads on your website, embed the ad code:

  1. Go to the RTB blocks page, find the desired block, and click Get code. The ad code consists of two parts: the YAN loader code and the ad block code.
  2. Copy the code to the clipboard and embed it on all the pages of the site where you plan to display ads:
    • Paste the loader code at the beginning of the page between the <head> and </head> tags.

    • Embed the ad block code in the place where the ad block is to be displayed.

    To learn more about placing ad code on a website

Note. New ad block impressions start within 2 hours of being created (provided you embedded its code on your website).

What should I do next?

Once ad impressions start, you will be able to view the statistics for your ad block. To increase the revenue you receive from ads on your platform, try experimenting with various ad block settings and see which configurations work best for you.