Updated Terms of Participation

What changed in the Yandex Advertising Network Terms of Participation?

The Terms of Participation now have a section that declares free access to ADFOX, which is a technology service that lets users manage their ads via the website or app. ADFOX lets users set up an auction between direct sales, YAN monetization, and external demand platforms. The campaign with the highest CPM will be displayed automatically, which helps you increase revenue.

How do I accept the new YAN Terms of Participation?

Once you log in to the YAN, you will see a window with the new Terms. You can accept them right there.

Do I have to use ADFOX?

No, ADFOX is optional. By accepting the new Terms of Participation, you can access ADFOX under better conditions. You can choose whether to use the service yourself.

Can I work under the old agreement if I don't want to use ADFOX?

You have to accept the new Terms of Participation to continue using the YAN. However, you don't have to use ADFOX.

Do I need to have an ADFOX account?

If you have an ADFOX account linked to the YAN, then you don't need to do anything else. Simply log in and go to the ADFOX tab.

If you don't have an ADFOX account, we will automatically create one for you as soon as you accept the YAN Terms of Participation.

How do I access ADFOX?

To access ADFOX, open the ADFOX tab in the YAN interface.