Yandex Advertising Network ad blocks in Zen posts

Yandex Zen is a personal recommendation service from Yandex. It analyzes the user's browser history and search queries and then generates a custom publication feed for each user. Posts are added to the feed automatically from the sites of participating authors, or authors can publish them directly in their Zen channel.

The owners of popular Zen channels can earn money by placing ads in their posts.

Yandex Advertising Network ad blocks in Zen posts

Each article can contain 1-2 RTB blocks, depending on the size of the publication. You can add two blocks if the material is long enough for the ads to not be displayed on the same screen.

For Zen posts, we recommend placing fixed-size RTB ad blocks that use the Motion format sized 336×280, 300×250 or 300×300.

To advertise on your channel, follow these steps:
  • In the Yandex Advertising Network interface:
    1. Go to the platform list (Products → Content sites).
    2. Create a new content site platform or select an existing platform from the list.
    3. Click the Edit button beside the desired platform.
    4. Add the mirror under the Mirrors section on the General tab. The added mirror will be reviewed by a moderator within the next two business days.
    5. Create a new RTB block in the visual code designer. After creation, the block is assigned a unique R-A-12345-1 ID. Copy it.
  • In the Zen editor:
    1. Go to the Ad settings section.
    2. Insert the ID of the block that you created in the Block number window and click View. If you entered the ID correctly, you will see the ad that you created in the preview area.