Advertising on Turbo pages

Turbo pages use a special lightweight format that loads quickly and displays well on mobile devices. This allows you to serve ads to mobile site visitors almost instantaneously, even if they have a slow internet connection. Page content is cached on Yandex servers and loads at the same time as the search results. The browser automatically generates Turbo pages using a generic template: site logo, illustrations, full page text, ad block, and additional content.

Turbo pages display in Yandex search results. If you website is connected as a publisher to Yandex.News or Yandex.Zen, your materials will also display as Turbo pages on those services. You can read more about “Turbo page” technology in the Yandex.Webmaster Help.

Advantages of the technology:

  • Reduces your bounce rate and generates additional traffic.
  • Simple integration using an RSS export file.

Ad blocks for Turbo pages

Advertising Network participants may monetize content on Turb pages using ad blocks.

When you create ad blocks in the Visual Code Designer, select Turbo pages during the Site version step. We recommend creating blocks using the animated Motion format. More information about recommendation blocks for mobile sites.

If you work with ADFOX, you can create ad block content on Turbo pages using the ADFOX interface:

Add blocks to Turbo pages

To ensure that ad blocks display on Turbo pages, you must add the yandex:adNetwork elements to your export file and specify the IDs for Advertising Network blocks or the insertion code for ADFOX blocks in them. You can also specify where the advertising blocks should display on the page. For more information about export files, see the Yandex.Webmaster Help.

We don't recommend inserting ad blocks more frequently than every 250 words.