Rewarded videos

Rewarded videos are ad blocks with embedded full-screen videos used for mobile versions of websites. This format can be used to implement "gameplay" mechanics within a content site, letting the user receive "rewards", such as accessing exclusive content after watching a video ad for a certain amount of time.

Rewarded videos can complement a subscription-based model, helping you monetize your subscription-exclusive content. For example, a user without a subscription can watch a video and gain access to a paid article.

Making an ad block

To create a rewarded ad block, open the block list (Products → RTB blocks) and click Add RTB block.

  1. In the window that opens, go to the General tab, select your platform from the list, and enter the block name.
  2. On the Site version tab, select Mobile.
  3. On the Ad formats tab, click Add design.
  4. Select the Flexible block type and the Rewarded format. Set the Time until reward parameter. The user must watch the video for the set amount of time to receive their reward.
  5. Go to the Strategy tab and select traffic management strategy.
  6. Click Create. After saving, the block will be displayed in the list of RTB blocks and will be assigned a unique ID. A block ID (ID) consists of a product ID (R-A), platform ID (page_id) and the block's serial number.

If you want to create another ad block with the same settings, click Duplicate. The new block will also appear in the RTB block list.

To edit added blocks, go to the list of blocks (Products → RTB blocks), find the block you need, and click Edit.

Receiving rewards

To invoke the reward event, add a callback function in function parameters for Ya.Context.AdvManager.render() in the embed code. Example:

    blockId: 'R-A-0000000-7',
    renderTo: 'adUnit',
    async: true,
    onRewarded: () => { console.log('onRewarded called'); },
    onClose: () => { console.log('onClose called'); }

Invocable events:

  • onOpen — Ad opened.
  • onClose — User closed the ad or the ad has been fully displayed.
  • onError — Error occurred during ad display.
  • onRewarded — Reward received, meaning the user watched the ad for allotted Time until reward specified in block parameters.