Monetization of mobile websites

We recommend that you use specialized formats that have been developed for display on mobile sites on the mobile versions of your sites. For example, the Motion block can be integrated seamlessly into any website's layout, attracting the attention of users as they scroll down the page. You can also use fixed-size RTB blocks that use the formats 300×300, 300×250, 320×100, and 320×50 as well as flexible RTB blocks consisting of one ad with an image. The 320×50 block is the least effective of all the formats presented in this section. We recommend using other (bigger) formats if the ad spot allows.

It is better to select as many media ad formats as possible when creating a block. This will increase the advertising campaign revenue.

Optimal locations are areas that attract the reader's attention:

  • The area under the main page content and above the comment field, and the area right after the navigation block. This is where the user stops reading and decides what to do next. Use the recommended formats for blocks with an image. Large images attract attention and improve the ad's CTR.

  • One-ad blocks work well on news websites, announcement boards, and online job centers. We recommend placing them after several news items that take up 4/5 of the screen: that way the reader will always see just one ad. Use the Motion block or flexible blocks consisting of one ad with an image.

  • Select blocks that match the page structure for tile-based websites. We suggest selecting the Motion block, a flexible poster with one image-based ad, and RTB blocks that use the 300×300 and 300×250 formats.

  • Placing ad blocks right above and below the reading area is a good way to place advertising in commercial info listings. The best option for placement is a Motion or flexible block consisting of one ad and an image.

It is important to place and configure the ad blocks so that advertising doesn't prevent users from viewing the main page content, while still being an effective tool for advertisers.